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A Stunning Glaoui Moroccan Rug

A Stunning Glaoui Moroccan Rug

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A distinctive Glaoui rug showcasing a blend of weaving styles, including hand-knotted sections, embroidered bands, and a flatweave background. In addition to their role in home decor, these rugs served a dual purpose for the nomadic Glaoui tribes, providing a unique and multifunctional means to transport personal belongings.

Estimated Age: Vintage
Length: 9' 
Width: 4' 9.5"
Material: Natural Dye Wool
Colors: Orange, black, turmeric, red,  white
Rug Style: Glaoui tribal rug with pile, flatweave, and embroidered sections
Design: Traditional Glaoui rug from Ait Ouaouzguite region

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