Our Story

About MOBT Global Shop

Jana at an Argan Women Cooperative in Essaouira

Welcome to the MOBT Global Shop, where the magic of Morocco meets the artistry of its people. Our journey began in 2010 when we set out to bridge cultures, connect travelers, and create meaningful interactions with local Moroccans through our cultural tours and educational programs. Little did we know that these encounters would lead to something truly special.

A Meeting of Hearts and Hands

Over the years, as travelers and students explored the enchanting landscapes and vibrant communities of Morocco, they formed deep connections with local artisans. These artisans, with their incredible talent and dedication, welcomed our visitors into their world, showcasing the skill and craftsmanship that makes Moroccan artistry renowned worldwide.

Through these connections, a beautiful idea was born - to offer more than just a fleeting experience; to create a way for our travelers to support these artisans by bringing a piece of Morocco back home. And so, the MOBT Global Shop emerged as a bridge, a platform for artisans to share their exceptional creations with the world, and for you to take home the heart and soul of Morocco.

Moroccan Artisans: The True Stars

Our shop features a curated collection of products that are, without exception, 100% handmade and Moroccan. These are not just items; they are stories woven into the fabric, colors, and textures. Each piece represents the spirit of Morocco and the dedication of the talented artisans who craft them.

When you shop with us, you support these artisans directly. This ensures that their hard work and dedication are fairly rewarded, helping them sustain their craft and preserve the authenticity of Moroccan artistry.

Quality and Authenticity, Guaranteed

At MOBT Global Shop, we take pride in offering you the best. Our products are more than just souvenirs; they are genuine works of art, made with passion, tradition, and love. Moreover, we believe in transparency and fairness. Our prices are competitive, and we stand behind the authenticity and quality of every item we offer.

In an industry where markups are common, we aim to offer you exceptional value for your money. You'll find that our prices are often more attractive than many bazaars, without compromising on the quality or authenticity of the products.

Welcome to Our World of Moroccan Treasures

As you browse through our collections, you're not just shopping for beautiful products; you're exploring the heart of Morocco and connecting with the people who bring its traditions to life. We invite you to experience Morocco, one handmade creation at a time, and to become a part of the story that began in 2010.

Thank you for supporting Moroccan artisans, celebrating culture, and making a difference with every purchase. We're thrilled to have you as a part of the MOBT Global family. Enjoy your shopping experience and the treasures of Morocco that await you.