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Original Vintage Rug from Ourika Valley

Original Vintage Rug from Ourika Valley

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Introduce elegance to your space with this striking Marrakesh red rug, meticulously crafted in the picturesque village of Ourika. Made with natural dye wool, this rug not only boasts a rich, vibrant hue but also reflects a commitment to sustainable and traditional craftsmanship. The sides are adorned with intricate details, adding an extra layer of sophistication to its design. Each element of this unique piece tells a story of artistry and heritage, making it a distinguished addition to your home.

Estimated Age: Vintage
Length: 8' 7"
Width: 5' 1"
Material: Natural Dye Wool
Colors: Salmon, orange, turmeric, light red, white, blue
Design: A combination of Rabat and Berber style rugs made in Ourika Valley near Marrakesh


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